Contados: n. stories, novel, tale.
"Contados" is a collection of thirteen fantastic creature of the Sardinian folk tradition. 
To discover (or re-discover) some of the most beautiful stories passed down orally for centuries in Sardinia.

The research for this project was not easy because of the nature of the oral storytelling,
For the realization of the book I read and studied all the documents and book I could find about it and interviewed people about their personal knowledge.
Some of them were people involved in the studies of this phenomenon (sociologists, writers or just Sardinian culture lover), but most of them were common people who know the stories thanks to their ancestors
What I had in my hands at the end of the research was a collection of different stories and versions, because the beauty of the oral storytelling is the constant evolution and mutation of the story.
Therefore, I had to make a selection and decided to choose my favourite stories and my favourite versions, so, if you are a Sardinian and are reading this page, sorry if for you Bobbotti is called Mommotti or the description doesn't match with what you know.
Regarding the visual elements, every character presents elements I took from the Sardinian artisanship: the colours, the lines, the geometries came all from the studies of the existing Sardinian iconography.
I hope that Contados would help in let people know the magical and fantastic world of the Sardinian oral storytelling, but also contributing in the discover of a ancient and mysterious land which is Sardinia.
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