I'm a member of the Storybox Collective, a group of artists, designers, illustrators, and writers. 
Inspired by the explorations of the rich and varied material and hidden gems housed in Glyndebourne's archive, Finding Ways showcases individual and collaborative work by the interdisciplinary creative researchers group the Storybox Collective.

My project, "Figaro, Figaro" aims to focus on the behind-the-scenes of the classic Opera.
I decided to focus on the scenography of “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”; in this personal version, the point of view shifts from the final version of the illustration to the initial sketches and vice versa. Overall, this project aims to represent the parallelism between what the audience experiences during the show against the whole complexion of the work behind the scenes, and the whole preparation required to get ready for the final show. The research and the design process are not only the way to reach the final result but are a visible and essential part of it.
To learn more about the Storybox Collective: thestoryboxcollective

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